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Employee Spotlight: Minki Kim

With one year of Crow Creative experience under his belt, Sr. Art Director Minki Kim has had some memorable moments. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his first year at Crow. Thanks, Minki!

One year in! How do you feel?

I feel good! I feel like we have a good team and we’re ready to do some big things this year. There’s more confidence after spending the last year working together. I’m also learning new things, or relearning old things. I had to relearn how to work with coworkers coming out of the pandemic, and figure out how to collaborate again.

What was your favorite project to work on this year?

I enjoyed the TV shoot we had in Dallas. It was memorable. Just a different landscape, working with new people, and different scenery which was nice. It was surprising - like, oh God, who likes to travel? Especially coming out of the pandemic, that crazy thing.

What was your biggest challenge?

I think balancing time, and time management. Personally, a lot happened to me this year – in addition to work, I had a kid, and then recently I had jury duty (a month I’ll never get back).

Any predictions/hopes for the coming year?

I hope we can get new clients and expand into a bigger studio! I would also love to work on more TV spots. We had a lot of crazy ideas that didn’t make it through the first round, so I hope that this year we’ll be able to execute those ideas and push our creative envelope.

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