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Challenging how things are done, to help you do more for less.

Crow was built to give marketers a different option — one built for the world we live and work in today. Fast. Lean. Tenacious. A true partnership built around a kind of collaboration that has long been lost in this business. All so that we can deliver breathtaking outcomes faster, better, and more efficiently than the other guy — with a level of accountability that leaves no questions.

Leadership Team

We’re a group of big-agency and big-brand alums who left the bloat and politics of those agencies behind to work directly with brands that aren’t afraid to shake things up. No layers. No politics. Just a proactive partnership that shortens the distance between a great strategy and amazing results.

Robert Lehmann

Founder / Executive Creative Director

Driven by the belief that the most successful brands don’t just tell stories, they enable them, Robert has flipped the script. He’s built an agency dedicated to helping brands empower their customers to live better stories — by helping them identify the right brands to meet their needs. It’s something he’s been doing for over 20 years, creating award-winning work for such clients as Verizon, CIT Bank, Mercedes-Benz, Bank of America, American Express, Dillard’s, ADP, Nationwide, Mastercard, Novartis, and HP.

Rob Lehmann
Tomas Kohoutek

Tomas Kohoutek

Creative Director

Crow Creative’s creative director and overall maker of things, Tomas takes a hands-on approach to art direction that has fueled his 19-plus-year, award-winning career. Inspired by the belief that great work can have a great impact, he’s spent his career visualizing and creating powerful multi-channel campaigns for clients, including CIT Bank, Kraft, Oreo, Nabisco, Gevalia, Gerber, Merrill Lynch, Verizon, and Bank of America.

Nicole Olivieri

Director of Client Services

As the director of client services and account management, Nicole brings over 20 years of experience helping brands, big and small, manage their budgets to effectively meet their marketing goals. Her personal touch ensures that clients have a consistent sounding board and champion within the agency. Prior to joining Crow, Nicole worked at Prudential’s in-house agency, giving her a unique perspective on the client/agency relationship. Throughout her career, she has built powerful partnerships for brands, including Capital One, American Express, Prudential, Merck, Novartis, and Discovery Education. 

Nicole Olivieri

Sir Richard III.

Spirit Animal

Sir Richard III is a constant reminder to strut, whoop, vaunt, and crow, to deliver a wake-up call to customers that ultimately helps the brands we work with triumph. Together we crow.

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