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Helping Partners be Ready for "Yes"

Spectrum understands what their partners need. They need the right solutions to solve their clients’ biggest challenges, a better experience to help them grow their business, and more ways to maximize their earnings on every sale. So, when Spectrum asked us to help them rebrand their Partner Program, we made it all about the partner, proving that when it comes to their success story, there’s no better choice than the Spectrum Partner Program.

Using bold colors and even bolder statements, we created print, digital and experiential assets to help show partners that Spectrum is always working to find more ways to say yes to their demands, so our partners can say yes to their clients.

The campaign launched in May of 2023 at the Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas, and the response was amazing. Not only did Spectrum’s booth stand out in the event space, but the new campaign also helped drive more prospects and meetings — which means more growth for the Spectrum Partner Program.

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