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Maximize the Impact of CTV on Your Marketing Strategy

Maximize the impact of CTV with clear KPIs, engaging content and a strong call to action.

CTV provides brands with a bold new way to talk with customers on the first screen. With promises of advanced targeting, an engaged audience, and improved reporting, CTV should be a part of every brand’s playbook. However, understanding how to use it properly to drive the best results is critical to maximizing impact and budget. Here is Crow Creative’s formula for success when creating an engaging and impactful CTV campaign:



Work closely with your agency to understand how you’ll measure success. This way, you can identify the right targeting filters to help you achieve your goals, without burdening your campaign and your budget with extra targeting that doesn’t add value and can negatively impact reach.



Make the first six seconds count. Quickly demonstrate how your brand fits into your customer’s story and create spots that align with the content they’re watching. Most importantly, keep it fresh by balancing increased frequency with increased creative versions — trust us bingers will appreciate the variety.



Open and close your spot with your brand. While ads aren’t skippable, you’re still competing with mobile devices, snack breaks, and more. Make sure you’re repeating your branding throughout the spot to stand out to even the most casual viewer.



Tell your audience what you want them to do, and make it easy. Don’t be afraid to test QR codes, smart device integrations, or lead generation through data sharing. CTV is the perfect way to connect the first screen experience with a deeper, more engaging experience, built around specific actions.



Keep an eye on the data, and be ready to adjust your messaging to ensure you hit your success metrics and continue to drive the right action.


Looking to refine your CTV strategy or put this amazing platform to work for you? We’d love to help. Give us a call at 917.304.5039, or email

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