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Billboards Are Staging A Comeback

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is set to boom.

At the start of COVID, brands backed away from OOH advertising. Fewer people driving to work meant fewer eyeballs on billboards. But over a year after it all began, the world is opening up. Drivers are returning to the roads, pedestrians are walking by signs, and OOH is bouncing back.

The billboard race has already begun. Brands are floating national RFPs and increasing the scopes of their OOH briefs. It shouldn’t be a surprise. OOH advertising had been the fastest-growing medium of all traditional media for the 5-6 years preceding the pandemic. It has a well-established history of quickly recovering from economic downturns.

Data keeps coming out showing that travel never actually diminished — it just changed. That means, as cabin fever breaks and vacation season starts, roads will fill up even faster as more people return to the office.

It’s time to act if you want your brands to claim those prime spots.

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