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4 Creative rules for addressable TV

If you’re like most people, when you think about Addressable TV you think “Media.” But, in order to maximize the impact of that unique buy you need powerful creative. Here are a few simple rules to help ensure that your creative always hits the mark.

1) Speak to your audience.

Addressable TV gives you the same level of targeting as Direct Mail only on the first screen — so don’t waste the opportunity by running a generic spot. Create something unique that truly speaks to how your brand can help meet your target’s specific needs and wants. This is a chance to demonstrate how your brand fits into your customer’s lifestyle — take advantage of it.

2) Build for modularity.

This might sound contradictory to the previous bullet, but it’s not. Even within a small segment there are different pain points and different needs. Craft your overall message to allow flexibility in the edit to shuffle the order of how you address these pain points, that way you can easily customize your message without blowing your budget.

3) Inspire a reaction.

Even if you simply want to raise awareness, build in a call to action — even a little one. This way you’ll be able to track how viewers react to each spot, helping you further craft your messaging in the future.


Direct marketers have been doing this for years — sending out one control with different offers to see which one gets the best reaction. Addressable TV makes it easy to do the same in primetime. Make subtle changes to your creative, e.g., a different emphasis on product benefits, a new spokesperson or a different offer. You’d be surprised how even a small change can have a big impact on your response. And what you’ll learn will help you hone your approach making every campaign even more powerful than the last.

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