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3 Questions Every Client Should Ask When Picking An Ad Agency

How do you find the right agency for your brand? The one that’s big enough to meet your deadlines, small enough to give you all the one-on-one attention your brand deserves, and creative enough to excite you even on a Monday morning. It’s simple: ask yourself these 3 questions before you make your pick.

The right questions can lead you to the right partner.
  1. How Much Do They “KNOW” VS. How Much Do They “WANT TO KNOW?” Category expertise doesn’t mean they’re an expert on your business. The first few meetings should be more about asking questions, not offering solutions.

  2. Is Their Work About Their Reel Or Their Clients? Great agencies focus on how their creative moves business forward in an exciting way, not just how exciting it is to their creative teams.

  3. Do They Make You Love What You Do? Chemistry is everything. Your agency should make you excited about your job, the opportunity to work together, and the work you create. In short, they should make you love your job.

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