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3 Things Every Agency Should Ask Before Picking A Client

Every agency wants to grow their roster, but saying yes shouldn’t be based on accounts billable. Working with your clients should yield a high ROI in morale too. That’s why we like to ask a few key questions before working with any client to make sure they’re the right fit for us, and we’re the right fit for them. After all, great work starts with the right partnership.

1. Are They Looking For a PARTNER or a VENDOR? Creating work that moves your client’s business forward is a team effort. Make sure you work with clients that trust you and look to you to add value, not just get stuff done.

2. Do YOU Believe In What They’re Selling? Anyone can drink the Kool-Aid. But try to find clients you’re genuinely passionate about, that you truly believe in. It will show in the work and in your culture.

3. Do They Believe In What They’re Selling? Passion inspires passion. Make sure your clients are excited about what they do, and give that excitement a voice in the work you create for them.

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