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Straightforward, honest and refreshingly human.

Customer Purpose

Customers demand honesty. They want the companies they work with to be straightforward about their services, their pricing and how they are adding value to their customers' lives. 

Brand Purpose

Spectrum is a connectivity company that believes everyone deserves access to the best Internet and TV at the best price. They believe that the price you see is the price you pay and if your services don’t meet your expectations, you shouldn’t be locked in with contracts and unfair fees.


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Bringing Them Together

Nothing to Hide.

Unlike other companies, Spectrum doesn’t hide behind fees and taxes. They deliver better services at a better price — period. So, customers can enjoy the best connection to the people, things and entertainment that matter most to them. So stop giving your current provider a pass. Switch to an Internet and TV provider that delivers as promised — switch to Spectrum.


Moving away from big offers and over-the-top claims, we created TV spots that shared simple, humorous stories to demonstrate how Spectrum’s competitors were misleading their customers — focusing on the real pain points that come with poor service, unexpected fees and long-term contracts. Competitive in nature, our spots challenged the status quo and separated Spectrum from the pack, positioning them as a straightforward provider that gets you what you need and gets rid of what you don’t.


Our spots drove more calls and ultimately more conversations among prospects, and our work helped Spectrum grow from a regional player to the second- largest Internet, TV & Voice provider nationwide. 





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